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Canned goods are an important element of the modern diet. Sure, there are those raw foodists, vegans, and others who say that once it’s had preservatives on it, it’s as good as eating death, but for those of us with a more relaxed approach to our food, it’s important to include canned goods in our planning. The reason for that is that canned goods last a long time. They’re excellent for storage. You can build a whole food storage program around your canned goods as long as you’re sure to rotate them out. So when you get canned good coupons—a very common type of coupon—it’s the perfect chance to start building and rotating your food storage.

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You see, using canned goods for your storage means that when crises range from simply not having time to get to the store all the way up to actual financial distress, you’ll at least have food on hand. But because the whole point of food is that it is to be eaten, you need to be sure that the canned goods you get are actually for foods you will eat. So if your canned good coupons are for creamed corn and you hate creamed corn, just give them a pass. But in the meantime, use the other coupons you find to get everything you can.

We aren’t advocating unbridled purchasing of canned goods, of course. There are better and smarter ways to eat than out of a can every day. (Although, who doesn’t love canned peaches?) But when you develop a diet that allows you to incorporate long term storage food items, you’re looking at a more conservative food budget and a potentially more varied diet. After all, for many of us, it’s easier to toss canned jalapeno into our taco meat than it is to actually purchase and properly prepare a fresh jalapeno. But however you choose to use your canned goods, canned good coupons can help.

The reason that canned good coupons are often more common than those for other parts of the grocery store is that grocery stores want to move through their inventory pretty rapidly. With produce, for example, if the supermarket were to use coupons, the coupons would often last longer than the produce would. That’s why produce, dairy, and meat sections often more commonly offer specials than specific coupons. When the coupon lasts two weeks and the product, such as canned goods, lasts for two years, it seems a better advertising investment to use coupons.

But regardless why it is that supermarkets issue canned good coupons, you should be able to frequently find coupons for canned goods that you will enjoy. And as you purchase and enjoy those canned goods, you’ll find yourself not only enriching your diet, but sowing seeds for a budding food storage program. All it takes is the purchase of one or two extra cans on each shopping trip—a negligible expense when you use coupons—and you’ll be prepared soon enough.