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When it comes to cereal coupons, you’re usually looking at a manufacturer or store trying to move a large amount of product all at one time. After all, it’s a guarantee that you will virtually never find a name brand product for a store brand price unless it’s on sale. And even then, the store brand often goes on sale too and cuts the cost yet further. With cereal, this is especially true. Your expensive organic cereals will always be expensive (but if it’s the kind of thing that matters to you, they’ll always be organic, too); with coupons, they only grow a little less expensive, and not necessarily cheap.

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Usually, the way this happens is for the manufacturer or store to say that for ten dollars, you can get five boxes instead of three and a half or four, and consequently, still pay more per box than you would on a lesser brand. But what the stores and manufacturers are counting on with these kinds of cereal coupons is that you will see that because it’s a better deal than usual, you’ll judge it that way, and not against the store brand. In some ways, that’s a valid way to judge. Name brand cereals often have more flavor and, except for the intentionally sugary children’s cereals, may even be a little healthier.

But in other ways, just because it’s a better historical price doesn’t guarantee that it’s a better price overall. Some non name brand cereals carry better flavor—not in every case for every type, but in some cases—and may even be healthier. Especially since sugar sells to children, it’s a good bet that some of the more adult cereals feel the unhealthy influence of extra sugar spill over into their products. As a result, brands that are bigger and can sometimes afford more sugar will add it in just to add to the mildly addictive deliciousness. And your cereal coupons might be what are getting you hooked!

Now, let us not appear to be slamming the institution of cereal coupons. These are services that are crucial for helping products move around and also for helping you get the cereal that you want. But it certainly is important that when you are deciding on what to fill your belly with for breakfast, you look at it from all angles. That’s our job. We aren’t necessarily trying to get you to use coupons; we’re trying to get you to use them well and intelligently.

Don’t just dump money after savings because they are there, but don’t just discount savings because they’re on the name brand level. Cereal coupons, especially those with a name brand focus, might appear to be a silly emphasis at first, but they do result in lower prices. And if that lower price is what it takes for you to get the cereal you want, after you consider flavor, health, and all other aspects of the food, then we’ll consider our having given you the information a job well done.