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Have you ever had the pleasure of picking and eating an orange right off the tree? There’s nothing quite like the taste of a freshly picked, juice laden, tasty orange to start the day off or as a pick-me-up snack during the day.  However, in our ever so busy modern day world, few individuals take or make the time to grow their own citrus or else they live in a climate not conducive to citrus growing. Fortunately, Minute Maid is able to bring that fresh-off-the-tree home grown citrus taste to consumers everywhere.

Minute Maid was the first company to offer orange juice concentrate throughout the United States.  Their revolutionary technique allowed them to eliminate 80% of the water in orange juice and then package the dense orange concentrate in space saving containers for long lasting storage.  The concentrate could be quickly reconstituted at a later time and tasted ever so similar to freshly squeezed orange juice.  The company became known as “Minute Maid” in reference to their juice being able to be made in just a minute or so of time. 

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Did you know that Minute Maid offers more than just orange juice, lemonade, and limeade?  Refreshing juice blends containing blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, mango, apple, pear, pineapple, and kiwi flavors are also available in convenient single serving or easy to grip multi serving bottles.  Some such juices are also available enhanced with yerba mate, a natural sort of caffeine to give drinks an “energy boost”.  Minute Made also produces 100% fruit juices and juice blends in 10 or 12 ounce bottles, juice boxes, and pouches – perfect for lunches, snacks, parties, and after game treats.  And of course ball games and concessions stands wouldn’t be the same without Minute Maid frozen juice bars, individual cups or squeezy, soft frozen lemonade and limeade treats.  The Minute Maid company is continually introducing or upgrading great tasting products which smart shoppers can afford, especially when using the many free manufacture coupons that are available.

Generally, coupons released by individual brands are not that difficult to locate. Top brands such as Minute Maid know that they need to get and keep an edge on cheaper brands. Even though Minute Maid products may taste better, consumers are often willing to settle for generic brands or lesser quality imitations because they need something cheaper to meet their budget. But, when smart shoppers use Minute Maid coupons, Minute Maid products become an affordable option. Free Minute Maid coupons allow consumers to enjoy citrus based drinks and refreshing treats at a discounted price they and their budget gladly welcome.

While certain seasons of the year may result in a great many more coupons than others — particularly at the start of a school year, around special sporting events, and before and after holidays are popular times for specials — generally, you can find printable Minute Maid coupons throughout the year.  Always be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your Minute Maid coupons when individual stores are offering Minute Maid products at an advertized reduced price or as a non advertized in store special. Case lot or frozen food sales are another great savings option to watch out for. You just might double your savings. 

One of the biggest benefits of saving and using free Minute Maid coupons and printable Minute Maid coupons is that shoppers can find and purchase delicious food to nourish and satisfy the body.  No matter your age, Minute Maid has something for you. Bring a little citrus sunshine into your diet today!